Sven Fields
Real Name: Sven Lelieveld

Sven Fields is an International DJ and electronic music producer from Delft, The Netherlands. Known for his wide variety of music production in deep house, deep techno, hip hop. He is a true master of the Pioneer CDJ, using the digital decks in all kinds of ways, creating new ways of playing tracks. Sven Fields has been highly recognized as a DJ, playing his creative sets throughout The Netherlands (Escape, Het Paard, Club Seven, Millers, Club Nora, Karavaan) Canada; Vancouver, Colombia; Bogota, Slovakia; Bratislava, Scotland; Edinburgh...

Even though Sven Fields is only 22 years old, he brings already years of experience to the DJ scene. As a 14 year old he was already mixing his favorite music at home. At 18 years old he played his first set at Club Seven in front of a huge crowd. After that things really started to roll.

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